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Classic Gents Design

A classic gents frame gains popularity if its design echoes styles that have gone before. Function before form is often the key consideration for a man when he chooses a new fr… Read more

For Those Comfortable with Colour

The StepperS range brings the comfort and fit philosophy of the Stepper brand range in at a comfortably lower price point.

Importantly, none of the key brand values are l… Read more

Discover the Stepper difference

As a loyal Stepper customer you will be familiar with the difference using Stepper can make to your business.

Our 'Discover the Stepper Difference' brochure is a great re… Read more

New Frames - Now Even Thinner!

The latest super-thin models from Stepper include the SI 30059 and SI 20033 Both combine TX5 fronts with Beta-Titanium sides.

The frames are incredibly light, with the … Read more

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