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Unlocking Stepper’s Colour Code

When it comes to sophisticated colour coordination used in conjunction with hi-tech material combinations, Stepper frames continue to pioneer with exciting new designs.

The new SI-30069 cleverly fuses Titanium with TX5. With this frame, which material is used for which part remains unclear until you take a closer look.

The ‘bar-code’ pattern on the Titanium side and temple is the stand out feature on this frame. Cleverly crafted in Titanium, its 3D ridges are highlighted in complementary colourations that draw the eye with their elegance and ingenuity.

The Titanium and TX5 work harmoniously together to give the frame its distinctive, contemporary look. This, combined with their hypoallergenic properties and their lightweight, add to the frame’s appeal.

Wonderful colouring adds further to the appeal, being available in ‘Ruby Red’, ‘Golden Sand’ and ‘Sapphire Blue’, with each colourway being given its own highlight colouring treatment.

As the bridge is constructed from TX5, classic Stepper comfort is guaranteed. But the wearer will also benefit from the fact that Stepper has put in so much of its frame design and manufacturing expertise to create a truly innovative piece of eyewear.

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